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Value Added Leasing

The GRENKE Group's core competency is the leasing of IT and office equipment. We focus on small-ticket leasing agreements and we provide expert advice and assistance tailored to our customers' specific needs. This has been our approach from the word go and this is what has helped us get ahead of the competition. We are confident it wil continue to do so into the future going forward. Moreover, we will develop new products and explore new lines of business that complement our existing portfolio.


IT leasing – for greater flexibility

Today’s businesses are under enormous pressure to innovate in order to maintain their competitive edge. To meet this need, an ever greater number of enterprises are opting to lease the latest and best IT equipment. Read more


Leasing office furniture

Maybe you want to open a new office, or maybe your chairs are simply worn out or your desks have seen better days. Perhaps you want to give your office a complete makeover? Read more


Leasing printing equipment

In recent years, the printing industry has undergone huge transformation. Innovation and digitisation mean that quality and quantities are possible today that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Read more